Custom Lens Implants

Most patients over the age of 45 who are nearsighted or farsighted are also presbyopic. Presbyopia is a condition that prevents the eye’s natural lens from changing shape, disallowing one to see clearly for both distance and near vision.

Until recently, patients undergoing lens implant surgery received a monofocal, or single focus, intra-ocuar lens (IOL). Monofocal IOLs implanted in both eyes generally provide excellent distance vision; however, patients often need spectacle correction for near and intermediate vision.

At LaserVision, we want our patients to have as many options as possible when it comes to their lens implant surgery.  Consequently, the surgeons at Laservision have considerable experience in implanting a wide variety of ‘premium’ lenses.

Just as spectacle lenses vary, there are different implant lenses available.

Single focus intraocular lens implant

Monofocal lenses have a single focus that is normally set for distance vision.  They are an excellent and reliable method of improving the distance vision. Glasses are rarely required for distance vision, they have few unwanted side effects, but spectacles will almost certainly be needed for near and middle range vision.

Blended or Monovision

It is possible to gain a large degree of spectacle independence by implanting a lens to correct distance vision in one eye and a lens to correct near vision in the other eye. This option is best tolerated by individuals who have previously enjoyed monovision with their contact lenses, and a trial of this situation is advised beforehand.

Multifocal lens implants

These provide a great solution for people who prefer not to wear spectacles for most activities but who accept they may be needed for visually demanding tasks such as reading very small print or reading in dim light.

Accommodative lens implants

These lenses adapt within the eye depending on the distance viewed, reducing the need for glasses after surgery. The degree to which they adapt can vary from person to person and therefore the result can be less predictable than multifocal lenses.

Toric lens implants

These lenses are an excellent way of treating high degrees of astigmatism. “Toric’ lenses can be either monofocal or multifocal in design.


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