Damteq MD, Adam Smith, Inspires Fareham College Business Students


Last week, Damteq MD and founder, Adam Smith, was invited to take a trip back to Fareham College, where he was a student on a National Diploma ICT course.

Currently studying their Creative Product Promotion unit, the students were provided with insight about how Adam set up Damteq, as well as tips on how they could enhance their campaigns using social media.

Students then presented their campaign and business ideas to Adam, who gave useful feedback and awarded Dunmola Alade as the winner for his ingenious Ice Bar concept.

Business lecturer, Theresa Kemp said:
“Firstly, it’s fantastic to be able to follow up on an ex-student’s progress but even better to see how successful he is. Adam has been very generous with his time and it’s been an invaluable opportunity for the students to benefit from his experience. The students loved hearing about how Adam built up his business, starting with a £2.99 domain name. They found him very inspiring.”

Thanks again to Theresa and all of her second year level 3 students for their excellent work! You can see Fareham College’s blog post on Adam’s visit over on their website.


Campaign Round-up: 28.3.14

Here are some of our favourite ad campaigns that we have seen over the last month to help inspire fellow marketers in future campaigns.

DHL is faster prank

DHL is faster

This was a risky idea from DHL but also very funny and brilliant. Using a temperature sensitive coating which disguised a package as black, DHL managed to get their competitors, including UPS and TNT to advertise for them and carry a very large package saying ‘DHL is faster’. As the package warmed up the phrase and bright yellow brand colour appeared. I’m sure they were all a bit annoyed but we think it was a brave and cleaver idea that had us laughing.

Take out: It sometimes pays off to be bold when pitching hard against the competition as long as its executed in a humorous and not damaging way. We are sure that even the competitors had a bit of a laugh at this, as did the people passing by.
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Are you ready to Start Your Dream?


Have you got a business idea or looking to grow your small business? Start Your Dream works with budding entrepreneurs and small businesses to help turn business dreams into a reality.

As you may or may not know, Damteq started from humble beginnings and was built single handedly with a lot of hard work and determination. Building a successful business from scratch has certainly been a learning curve, and the experience gained was invaluable for Damteq’s founding managing director Adam Smith. Adam now wants to share his experience and offer advice and support to other budding entrepreneurs and small businesses, so founded ‘Start Your Dream’.

Start Your Dream offers three types of services, detailed below:

Start-up Support
Start Your Dream can strengthen your initial business ideas, give advice on all things HMRC and advise on registering your business name and even how to trade mark your logo.

Growth & Strategy
Start Your Dream also provides business consultancy for companies looking to grow and acquire market share through targeted marketing and digital strategy.

Mentoring & Talks
Adam hopes to inspire others who dream of starting their own business by providing both one on one mentoring as well as sharing his experiences at industry event talks and local colleges.

For more information, visit www.startyourdream.co.uk

The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” – Nolan Bushnell

The 6 Most Annoying Things You HATE About The Internet!

The internet is an awesome place to find out new stuff and have a laugh, but as anyone who’s been on the internet for longer than their nan knows, there’s also a much more annoying side.

1. Farmville or Any Facebook Game Invite

makeitstopIt may not be as much of a problem as it used to be, but after setting up your mum’s new Facebook account, expect her to be sending you requests to join her on her farm on a daily basis.

2. Junk Mail and Spam Comments

Who writes spam?! None of it is particularly convincing, especially when in broken English from a Nigerian billionaire who needs me to send him even more money.

3. Setting a ‘Secure’ Password

Creating a password these days is a nightmare, it usually has to contain at least 8 characters, 2 uppercase, 4 special characters, no spaces, no names, 3 numbers and a batman symbol.

4. Pop-up Ads

annoyedLuckily, most sites these days aren’t as bad with their approach for advertising, but some still love those pop-ups, and we all know how infuriating they are.

5. Waiting For Videos To Buffer

emmaThe demand for streaming videos in 2014 is the highest it’s ever been, so when we can’t watch a video of a cat falling off a bed instantly, we tend to throw a hissy fit.

6. Internet Explorer

chromeQuite possibly the best browser in the world… for downloading other browsers. If you’re still using IE, do yourself a favour and upgrade to another browser and see the web in a slightly less annoying way.

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